5 Top Tips for summer nature photography

As the start of summer approaches I thought now would be a great time to share some hints on tips on summer nature photography!

Top 5 tips for Summer Nature Photography

Tip One – Flower photography

On a good day here in the UK we can get some lovely warm sunny days. As we do not experience them very often, it is tempting to get out and enjoy the rare sunshine. However this is not necessarily a good thing for your photos! The harsh sunlight beating down from high in the sky can make it very difficult to capture beautiful flowers. 

If you are out in that light – look for flowers in a shady spot and use some flash (or even the torch on your phone to add a little extra light into the scene!)

Close up of the centre of an African Daisy,showing the purple and white petals and blue and yellow centre.

African Daisy. (Technical Info: focal length 100mm, 1/200 at f/9, ISO 250)

Tip Two – insect photography

Again in the heat of the day it can be really difficult to capture some great shots of insects. In the warm weather they are constantly moving around. If you can get out earlier in the morning or later in the day they will be more docile and easier to photograph. 

If you are out in the midday sun, settle down by a plant which has lots of butterflies or dragonflies nearby. Watch their flying  pattern. You will soon notice that they will return to the same point. So point your camera there and be patient!



Close up of a Southern Hawker Dragonfly

Southern Hawker Dragonfly


Tip Three – wet weather photography

Let’s be honest here – we’re in the UK and its summer. It IS going to rain at some point. Don’t let this ruin your photography fun!

Capturing raindrops on flowers after a shower can make a beautiful shot. Alternatively – protect your camera with some suitable waterproof material and get out there. Wildfowl make great subjects in the rain – with the water rolling off the feathers and drops falling on the ponds. Its a chance to get really creative! 

Canada goose in the rain

Canada goose in the rain

Tip Four – indoor photography

If the weather really isn’t playing ball, or you see yourself as a fair weather photographer your other option is to bring your subject into the studio. You can get some beautiful flower photographs in your own home with a simple set up. Just pop to your local flower shop to pick up a bunch on seasonal flowers.  This gives you the flexibility to take your time, create your own compositions and not run the risk or wind or rain ruining your shot. 

Final edit of the Red Carnation

Final edit of the Red Carnation


Tip Five – Animal photography

With many mammals and insects coming out of hibernation there are numerous possibilities to capture some wildlife. For a greater chance of photographing something interesting you could visit a nature reserve where the environment is created to encourage wildlife to settle and thrive. However a long walk in the country can also create opportunities. The key is to be patient and have fun!


Rat image gets bronze award

Rat image gets bronze award

Guide to summer nature photography

I have collated some of my favourite hints and tips alongside some of my best photographs and combined them into a handy pdf. If you would like your own copy of this guide just sign up to my newsletter where you will be kept up to date with my latest hints tips and news. 

Part 2 - guide to photographing nature during the summer

Part 2 – guide to photographing nature during the summer


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