Do you still not believe in Dragons?

Last month I shared some tips on how to get good close up photos. This month I have been playing around with the same thing. One of my subjects has been my pet Bearded Dragon – so today it is all about reptile photography!

Reptile Photography

This is not a genre I have done a great deal, but as I do have 2 Bearded Dragons it would be crazy not to use them as my subject once in a while! Having these stunning creatures as pets obviously makes my life easier as I do not need to seek out wild reptiles, or worry about disturbing them. As pets they are also used to be handled with gives me even more opportunity for interesting photos. 

The other advantage of my subject is that they are relatively slow moving creatures so this allows me to take my time to compose the shot and use a slower shutter speed to let in more natural light. 

Reptile Photography - close up of a bearded dragon

Reptile Photography – close up of a bearded dragon

As ever with any animal photography it is vital to get the eye in focus. That is the part of any animal or person that is making a connection with the viewer – so its got to be right. 

Reptiles in the wild

I have talked about my experiences of photographing reptiles in captivity. This of course makes it much easier to get a great capture. If you are wanting to know more about photographing reptiles in the wild there is a great article you can read here.

Beardie for the Bronze

I am also thrilled that this photograph received a bronze award this month.  This is an award given by the Guild of Photographers for their Image of the Month competition.

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