Beware of the Bee!

For some reason, people get really nervous around bees. I can understand it, if you have previously been stung or have an allergy to bee stings it would be worrying. However, they are lovely little creatures and so important to our ecosystems. Admittedly when you get this close to a bee it can look a little more intimidating! Either way, I think they a great. And for this reason, I have decided to add some bee products to my range at Redbubble. 

close up of a bee

close up of a bee

Bee Products 

It is a strange choice of subject for many of the products available from Redbubble. And it is certainly a bit different from my usual floral style! However, I feel this close-up bee photo still works nicely on some of the stock such as the bee stickers and bee notebooks! For any true nature lovers out there it will certainly get them buzzing! 

See the complete range of Bee products. 

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