Bees Vs Wasps

Do you know the difference between bees and wasps? Today I thought I would share some inspiration nature photographs and hopefully share some useful knowledge about our buzzy friends (or foes!)

A couple of years ago I shared an article comparing hoverflies and wasps. These similar insects are often confused. As are bees and wasps so today I thought I would share some top tips to identify want you are looking at!


Bees vs Wasps

close up of a bee

    close up of a bee



The less popular wasp

The less popular wasp


The main difference between these insects is that bees are furry while wasps tend to have little or no hair. 


Bees feed on nectar from flowering plants. While wasps will be attracted to food waste and sugary food and drinks. 


Bees are more gentle in nature and will be reluctant to sting, however wasps are more aggressive and will sting repeatedly.


Whether you love them or loathe them, our buzzing friends are here to stay. However, now you may have a better idea of what type of buzzing friend you are looking at!

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