Beautiful Bird Photography

I love capturing beautiful bird photography! There are a number of reasons why I love it. Firstly I love the challenge of capturing an original image of these fast-moving creatures. Secondly, it is the huge variety of birds out there that can be photographed. You do not need to go far to get great bird photographs and today I am sharing with you some of my favourites. 

Beautiful Bird Photography

You can spot birds in a wide range of environments. Such as in your garden, a local park and dedicated wildlife reserves. So you do not need to go far to have a go at bird photography. 

The Bold Gull

I am fortunate to live near to the sea. So we are often visited by these bold birds. Seagulls are not easily scared meaning you can get quite close to them. This young gull was hanging about in my garden one wet afternoon.

Beautiful Bird Photography - a young gull

Beautiful Bird Photography – a young gull


The Beautiful Robin

These common garden birds can be spotted easily throughout the year. This little fella was hanging out at a wildlife reserve, however, you don’t need to visit one to see them. I love going to my local reserve as there are a wide variety of species to photograph. 

The Beautiful Robin

The Beautiful Robin


The Inquisitive Duck

Visit any local park with a pond and you are highly likely to come across a common mallard duck. Again these birds are used to human interaction and if they are not protecting their young, will come up close giving you great photo opportunities. 

Duckface portrait wins Bronze Award
Duckface portrait wins Bronze Award

Bird Photography top tips

You will need a fast shutter speed when capturing photos of birds. You may need to increase your ISO to allow for a fast shutter. A zoom lens is also useful. Remember to focus on the eyes!

Award winning Birds

I do spend a lot of time photographing birds and try to get some original perspectives of them. So I was delighted to receive a bronze award for my “Duckface” portrait in the Guild of Photographers Image of the Month competition. 

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