Best Seller – carnation flower photo!

I have been really fortunate to have a photograph which has been incredibly popular. My most popular photograph to date is this simple pink carnation flower photo. 

Loving the Pink Carnation!

Firstly, I have to say I would never have expected this image to have been sold so many times! It is a simple image of a single flower, which I love. And I guess other people do too! 

Carnation Flower photo - Stickers small
Carnation Flower Stickers – small

For some reason, buyers in the United States love this image. In particular, they love that they can buy in on the cut out stickers. It has been edited to not include a background, which I think makes it work particularly well as a sticker. 

What is on offer?

However, it is not just stickers that people can get your hands on! This beautiful carnation can be purchased on a range of clothing, homeware and also stationery products. 

To see the full range of products visit my shop:

Buy Carnation Art

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