Behind the scenes top tip for photographers block!

Back in July, I had a wobble with my photography. I wanted to be more creative while needing a new subject to photograph.  I had “Photographers Block”! I’ve talked about how I have overcome this on previous posts but to today I am going to share a new tip with you.

The 50:50:50 challenge

This is when I decided to set myself the 50:50:50 challenge! Basically, I needed to fulfil the following criteria for each shot:

  • Take 50 photographs….
  • …using my 50mm lens….
  • …..taking one photo every 50 steps

I set off from my house and started the challenge. It was more difficult than you might imagine! I was in my own neighbourhood which I have walked through a million times before, so trying to see something different or artistic really got me thinking!

Breaking Photographers block

So did I succeed in breaking the block? 

I am pretty pleased with the results… I won’t post all 50 photos here but just give you a flavour of what I achieved. 

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