Best Bug Photography

Today I want to share some of my new bug photos. I do enjoy bug photography as it can be really challenging to get enough light and still get a close-up and in focus image!

Bugs Life

These are images I have captured over the last few months here in the UK. I use a 100mm macro lens which allows me to get in nice and close to the insects. As we have had unusually warm and sunny days this summer it has helped me to get enough light onto the subject. 

I don’t normally do much editing to my nature and wildlife photos, as most people expect them to be a true representation of the original subject. However, on this occasion, I have made an exception. They have been edited to create a more creative fine art image. In most cases, I have removed or amended background details to remove distractions allowing you to focus more directly on the insect. 

Award Winning Bug Photography

Finally, I am thrilled to say I have been awarded 2 bronzes for my bug images this month. The guild of photographers awarded my Dock Leaf bug and the Magpie Moth a bronze award and recognised my green shield bug as a classified image, meaning they are all of a professional standard.

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