Inspirational ​Deer Photographs

I have previously talked about photographing the fallow deer at Petworth Park in West Sussex. As these images conjure up the feel of Autumn for me, I thought I would share these inspirational deer photographs with you today. 

Beautiful Wildlife

Deer are truly magnificent creatures. I love to watch them wandering around in their herds. However, I do like to keep my distances also. Not only do I not want to disturb them, at this time of year the males start to rut. This is a process where the male deer use their antlers and sheer power to dominate other males. For this reason, I use a telephoto lens for this sort of photography. It allows me to capture my images from a safe distance. 

I particularly love the autumnal colours of the trees behind these deer. It really helps to set the scene. 

autumnal fallow deer
autumnal fallow deer

This image is one of my favourites. It was captured by chance, but I do love how it looks as though this deer is sticking its tongue out at the other.

inspirational deer photographs - autumnal fallow deer
autumnal fallow deer

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