Behind the scenes – making oboes

I recently visited an oboe workshop to take some behind the scenes photographs of the manufacturing process. So today I thought I would tell you a little more about photographing musical instruments. A subject which is not something I would normally photograph!

Making Oboes

I was inspired to take some photographs of UK manufacturing after seeing a photography competition. The EEF run a competition each year which encourages both amateur and professional photographers to submit images which represent all aspects of manufacturing in the UK.  The theme of the competition “Celebrating everyday manufacturing in the UK”.  Photographers were also encouraged to approach companies to see if they would be willing to host. 

With this in mind, I approached Howarth of London a couple of months ago to request a visit. They are a well-known maker of musical instruments specialising in making oboes. Oboes have an intricate design, which I thought would make for a really interesting set of images.  In my youth, I played the clarinet which just made the thought of visiting even more interesting to me. 

So at the beginning of September, I went to their branch in Worthing to see what it was all about. I was given a full tour of their premises and had detailed explanations about what was happening at each stage of the process. Then I was left to wander about and take some photographs of whatever inspired me! They were extremely accommodating which was just amazing!

Oboe Photographs

The final set of images were great! I managed to get some photographs that I was really pleased with.

Competition Results

Unfortunately This week I did find out that my images had not been shortlisted in teh EEF competition. I am not too disappointed though, as I managed to photograph a subject that I would not normally do. This got me using new skills and techniques as well as generally pushing me out of my comfort zone. I am really grateful for the experience. Check out the shortlisted images here.  

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