Looking forward to 2019

With the last few hours of 2018 fast disappearing, it seemed like an apt moment to spend some time looking forward to 2019. 

Last week I reflected on 2018, sharing my personal highs and lows of the year. Today I thought I share some plans I have for the coming year. 

I was fortunate enough to get a photographic background stand for my birthday a few weeks ago. This has really inspired me to get my studio in order. I had a good tidy up and rearranged the room to make it more suitable for close up/studio/product style photography.

Studio Photography

Last month I managed to sell some photographs on my stock portfolio on Alamy. This has really inspired me to build up my collection of images in for sale. I have been brainstorming some ideas and been using Alamy’s resources to help me come up with themes to photograph. 

One theme that has been requested with some images for the game “Cards Against Humanity”. This led me to come up with a series of images which are now available from my Alamy page. 

Looking forward to 2019 - Cards Against Humanity game
Cards Against Humanity game

What else for 2019

To be honest I have no idea! What I do know is I am keen to keep learning and improving my photography. I am also keen to experiment with alternative genres. Whatever comes along I am sure it will be fun! 

Check out my stock images

If you are interested in browsing what image I have available to buy, you can check them out using the button below. Check back regularly as I am constantly updating my galleries!

Alamy Portfolio

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