Stock images proving popular

Last week I talked a little about my stock photo business. Stock images are those photographs purchased for a wide range of uses, such as marketing or story telling.

I opened an Alamy account in October and have been steadily uploading images since then.

Made a Sale!

I was really surprised and delighted to get the news that I made my first sale back in November. With only c.40 images on my profile, I was chuffed to have an image on there that someone wanted.

The image itself is not a particularly pretty image, or for that matter very interesting. However that is the point of stock images – you never know what people may require!

It was this image of a mobile phone transmitter that was of interest to someone!

Mobile phone mast used for stock images
Mobile phone mast used for stock images

Check out my Alamy profile

I have a wide range of subjects in my stock portfolio which can be viewed here:

Alamy Portfolio

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