Behind the scenes – flat lay equipment set up

Last month I shared some insight into my working process. This behind the scenes post was all about my interest in photographing flat lays in the studio. This month I thought I would share a little more on flat lay equipment set up.

Shooting from above!

Well in the last month I have developed such an interest in this style of photography that I had to change my shooting method. Previously I was trying to get these overhead images by either holding the camera awkwardly over the top of my subjects, or precariously balancing my tripod at a juanty angle! Neither of these methods were satisfactory, as I would either not be holding the camera level, or would get parts of the tripod in shot! I was also concerned that I may knock the camera and damage my equipment.

So after hours of research, looking at rostrum copy stands, c-stands, boom poles and various clamps, I now have new safer set up which is getting me predictable results!

My studio set up

My answer was to invest in a simple super clamp! This particular clamp came with a ball head attached. So I have attached the clamp to my background stand and my camera to the ball head.

I still have to be careful, as it doesn’t support heavy a heavy lens. It also starts to creep downwards after a while. However, I see this as a work in progress, and it is certainly a great start!

See the results

Take a look at my catalogue of flat lay images on my Alamy portfolio site:

Alamy Portfolio

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