Beautiful artwork from Muloani Art

A friend of mine who I am ashamed to admit I have seen in a long time, recently contacted me to discuss art. She wanted to ask me about my photography. Also I was interested to find out how her art was developing. She sells her beautiful artwork as Muloani Art.

When I first met her about 10 years ago, she was an amazing artist. Over the years she has changed and developed her style. Most of her work is oil or acrylic on canvas. The thing that strikes me most about her work is the beautiful vibrant colours. She is not afraid to take colour and use it in an abstract and bold manner.

The beautiful fox

One of my favourite pieces that she created was of a stunning fox. There is something truly mesmerising about the look on its face.

Bold Abstracts

However that is not her only style of art. Her more recent work includes these lovely colourful pieces. This piece is inspired by a mediteranean courtyard and the result is a stained glass effect.

Check out her work

If you want to see more of what she creates, you can visit her facebook page: Muloani Art

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