Inspirational flat lay photography

Those of you who follow my blog regularly will already be aware of my new obsession with inspirational flat lay photography! If you’ve not read the behind the scenes post – you can catch up on it here. In that post, I talked about how I set up my equipment to get the right angle without the risk of damaging my camera or my back!

Today I wanted to share with you some of my latest creations using this method.

I always struggle to find the energy or enthusiasm to get out of the house in January! The days are so short and the weather cold and damp. It is not my idea of fun! So the idea of spending time in my home studio getting creative with overhead photography is something that really appeals to me.

The beauty of this style of still life photography is that you can pick a subject and keep adding or taking away objects. My method is to keep taking photos at each stage of the setup. Even if the layout is not “finished” I find I can get some surprisingly interesting results along the way!

Everyday objects

The first of my themes I decided to explore last month was makeup. A really simple idea using some everyday objects.

Old keys

The second theme was one that I have been thinking about for many years! I came across this bag of old keys about 3 or 4 years ago. And couldn’t bring myself to throw them out as I thought they would have the potential to make an interesting photograph one day. I am so glad I kept hold of them, as I love how this image has turned out.

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