Behind​ the scenes look at levitation photography​

Why you might ask, am I sharing my behind the scenes images to levitation photography? Well, I do love a good photo competition and spend a lot of time creating new images to enter into them. I have entered enough to know that the chances of winning can be slim. However, it is the process of coming up with an idea and creating an image that I really enjoy. A recent theme for a photo comp was levitation which I thought would be a fun concept to play around with.

Levitation Photography

The idea behind this photography is to take several images and stack them to give the impression of someone, or something floating.

When you have a look at these images, there are some really beautiful fantasy style photographs. To be honest – I really didn’t feel I could create such an image. So I decided to go for a more fun theme!

How is it created

Here are the original images:

First a took a darkened exposure of my background. This was to get a well exposed sky.

Then I captured a well exposed version including the Darth Vader toy:

The final image was of me standing on a stool:

I then aligned these layers and masked out the elements I didn’t want visible, such as the stool and the burnt out sky.

I played around with some other effects such as a force field and colour toning in order to create a more fantasy tone to the image.

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