More beautiful spring daffodils to inspire you!

As you may know, I love spring, and I love photographing the beautiful spring flowers that emerge at this time of year. Last month I shared some lovely pink daisies, that make stunning product images. This month I thought I would share one of my images featuring spring daffodils.

The daffodil season is now coming to an end. So with the last flowers fading, I thought I would share an image I capture last month of these beautiful blooms.

I enjoyed creating this flat lay image. It was fun to just keep playing around with the flowers taking photos of each layout that pleased me! Evetually I was really pleased when this heart-shape design worked so well.

Available to buy

This new design works so well on a wide range of my Redbubble products. It is available to buy on bags, stationary, wall art and technology skins.

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I hope you love this image as much as I do! You can get this floral artwork exclusively from Redbubble.

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