The journey to ​Development – documenting road construction in West Sussex

Love them or hate them our road network in this country is starting to reach capacity. In my home town, there had been much debate lately over the need for road construction and the impact on the environment.

This debate has been bought about by the widening of a road, from a single to dual carriageway.

In favour of road construction

The people in favour of this development say it is long overdue. This particular stretch of road is currently a bottleneck during rush hour. This causes long tailbacks. The standing traffic increasing pollution in a residential area and is a greater risk to the health of local residents.

Against the new road

Those against the development argue that, although we may see improvement for while, this will not last. There are a number of housing developments being constructed in the area. Assuming most households have at least one car, the road will soon become congested again.

To widen this road a large number of trees have had to be cut down. Many of them decades old, and although replanting has been promised, it will take years for them to grow to the size of these old trees.

This development has been planned since the 1980s, so it does amuse me how many locals seem surprised and are suddenly outraged. There has been plenty of time for debate, and now seems a little late as the trees have been cleared.

We can only hope they stick their promise to replant, and that the area will look better once the road is complete.

watch this space

So far the road has just been cleared of vegetation for the new road. I will continue to photograph this ongoing development.

Go obtain copies of images documenting the construction, please visit my Alamy portfolio.

Alamy Portfolio

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