Wonderful wildfowl photography

Those of you who regularly read my blog posts will know that one of my favourite subjects to photograph is birds. Last month I took a couple of hours out to visit one of my favourite places to capture wildfowl photography. I even came across some new discoveries.

Water Rail

While sitting in one of the hides, practising my birds in flight photography, a Water Rail wandered into sight.

I have not seen one of these before, so it was exciting to try and capture an image. It only stayed nearby for a couple of minutes, scavenging for food. Then it quickly disappeared into the undergrowth. I did manage to capture a couple of shots.

More wildfowl photography

Next, I came across a very noisy bird! It was stood on the side of a pond, calling out. This was the black-bellied whistling duck. It almost felt like it was posing for me!

Finally, I thought I would share this angry goose image. I was stood a long way from it and its mate. However it clearly still saw me as a threat! Each time a moved along the path, it would swim towards me in this threatening manner!

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