Example of a fine art eye that will inspire you!

Lately, I have been getting ideas for my photography from competition themes. I have been getting fed up with producing the “same old images”. So to mix things up a bit I have been trying to represent the themes in a more artistic and abstract way. This is how I came to capture this fine art eye image.

Why the fine art eye?

The subject of this particular photography competition was spirituality. This is a fairly abstract concept anyway, so this just got my imagination going.

I got my notebook out and started to brainstorm my idea of spirituality. I knew I wanted a human element to my image. I also wanted to represent the bigger picture, nature, science, the world around us. It was almost too big to show in one image. That is when I decided to represent these themes with an abstract galaxy to reflect the depth and breadth of the subject.

The first part to this image was capturing my eye. This is tricker than you might think! I then decided to remove most of the highlights. These catchlights are what makes an eye look alive, however, for this image, I found them distracting.

I then created a “sparkle” brush to add a twinkle back into the eye. I used a small star brush on a new layer to create the “galaxy”.

My final touch was to add a grunge layer over the top and mask out the iris and pupil to make this stand out more friom the surrounding skin.

Love this image?

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