Download Festival 2019

Back in mid-June, I had an amazing family weekend away at the Download Festival. Known for its rock and metal music, this festival is attended by thousands of people each year.

Festival of Mud!

This year the week leading up to the festival was extremely wet. This led to the site becoming a mud pool before the music even began! For this reason, I didn’t dare take my DSLR along! So I decided to see what I could capture using just my phone camera.

Fortunately, the weather cleared up enough for us to enjoy the weekend, with only the occasional shower! Being a little muddy underfoot didn’t stop us from having fun! We had our list of must see bands and headed into the arena!

Rocking out!

It was the line up this year that encouraged us to book tickets. There were some great bands on the set this year, including, Def Lepard, Slipknot, The Smashing Pumpkins, and the last UK performance by Slayer.

As well as some lesser known bands such as Reel Big Fish (child number two’s new favourite!) and Zebrahead.

Downland festival fun!

It was safe to say that the whole family enjoyed themselves and Download Festival truely rocks! Child one said “best holiday ever” while child two said, “can we come back next year”.

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