Awesome abstract art!

I have been getting into creating abstract art lately. One of my favourite ways of creating these is to get up close to my subjects. This new piece of awesome abstract art was created by getting up nice and close to a feather.

Creating texture in this image was my priority, therefore I spent ages getting my lights in just the right place. Then created leading lines with the diagonals.

New amazing abstract products

What I particularly like about my abstract photographs is the styling. They lend themselves so well to being printed on a wide range of products.

Because of the neutral greys within this image it becomes more versatile in where and when it can be used.

I have added this new feather art to my Redbubble site. This means you can get this unique design on a wide range of products.

Here is a small sample of the products available featuring this feather abstract:

Get my abstract art!

Do you love this design? Check out this new piece of art over on Redbubble now:

Buy abstract art

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