Water drop​ photography – behind the scenes

Today I thought I would share with you some insight as to how I create my water drop photography.

There is plenty of equipment available out there which can help you create some stunning water splash photos. However, I have been having a play around with equipment I have at home, creating water drop photos on a budget.

Creating a splash!

My simple set up involves using a food bag with a small hole in it. I place this above my bowl and try to anticipate when the water drop will land on the surface of the water.

I would normally mount my flash to one side, however, on this occasion, my flash trigger was not working. As an alternative, I bounced my flash off a white surface.

I had my 100mm macro lens on the camera and used the canon trigger app on my phone to take the photos.

This method takes a little trial and error, and I did get a lot of missed shots. However when it worked – I got some great images.

Water drop photography results

I like to play around with my editing. So I took the water drop image and added a texture to it. This gives it an arty abstract feel.

As you may know, I have been getting into abstract photography lately. You can see more of my abstract art in this post from a few weeks ago! ON that occassion I captured the image by getting up close to a feather!

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