Photographic Fine Art – finding my style

I have become more and more interested in the world of fine art. Specifically photographic fine art.

I have never really called myself an artist. I didn’t feel I was qualified to call myself one! However over recent weeks I have been looking into fine art and seeing what it takes to create art.

“Power” photo series

I was inspired to get more creative with my photography when I saw a competition theme called “power”. I don’t think the competition organisers were particularly after a fine art series, but it was something I wanted to play with. So I did!

I used the theme of power and thought about the different forms it comes in and how we use it. The over all series was toned with sepia for the images to be more cohesive as a series.

More photographic fine art

I am really enjoying this new medium as it opens up a whole new world of possibilities. Rather than just documenting what is infant of me with my camera, I am now able to express something more. I am currently working on a new series as I write this, so make sure to come back soon!

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