Lego photography – behind the scenes

One of my competition themes last month was “Red White and Blue”. Me being me decided I was going to stay away from the obvious flag or patriotic image! So today I am going to show you behind the scenes of my lego photography.

Lego photography

To get started with this challenge, I raided my kids lego box! I wanted pieces that would fit in with the colour themes of the competition. Once I had selected pieces I thought would work I took them into the studio.

As you can see I created a small set for the Lego, I wanted to block out the extra light that was reflecting off the figures. So using pieces of mount board to surround my set.

I then added a piece of perplex for my floor. This created a nice reflection. Using a small torch I shone spotlights onto the characters.

Final image

So what did the final image look like? Take a look:

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