Introducing “Isolation” surprisingly evocative fine art

I have been studying in greater depth the medium of fine art photography. You may have seen me explore this topic in some of my blog featuring self-portraits. Introducing “Isolation” my new series.

Loneliness in three parts

Looking at the concept of being cut off from the world, this series explores the concept of isolation. We live in a world where there have never been so many forms of communication. It is easier than ever to connect with people from all around the world. And yet, more and more people are feeling disconnected and lonely.

With so many forms of communication, it seems that as a society we have lost the ability to communicate effectively. As a result, negativity becomes normality and we are surrounded by white noise that can overwhelpm our thoguhts.

This series looks at our senses, hearing, seeing and speaking and wanting to turn away from what is going on around us.

Isolation Part I – See

She tried not to see the world falling apart around her. But failed.

Isolation Part II – Hear

Finally, She could turn away from the constant noise.

Isolation part III – Speak

The perpetual voices contradicted themselves. She said nothing.

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