Big love for the new shower curtains from Redbubble

Way back now, in 2012 I joined an online shop to help me sell my art. This particular shop has a huge range of products available. They take my artwork and print it on these products. There a plenty of websites out there that do very similar things, but I chose Redbubble to sell my art.

The other nice thing about this company is that they are always adding new product lines to their stock. This year alone, they have included shower curtains, bath mats, flasks and coasters to their growing numbers!

I use this site for my photography, however that is not the only medium on there. You can also find digital artists, as well as traditional methods, such as watercolour art.

I like how easy it is to work with them, infact I like it so much I decided to become a brand ambassador for them!

New art on Redbubble products

I have been having a play around with some new designs and thought I would share some with you today.

In particular, I wanted to share the new bathroom decor. Shower curtains and bath mats make up the new products. So you can get unique designs to create a personalised bathroom experience.

Here are a couple of my images featured on these bathroom products. A light and airy daisy design and a moody blue waterdrop image.

Find out more

This is just a small selection of my designs available. See for yourself the wide range over at Redbubble:

Shop at Redbubble

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