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I have gone back to my roots (excuse the pun!) and captured another flower image. Having explored different styles I can’t help but dip back into the world of nature and create a fine art floral image!

Inspired by Nature

This lovely solitary flower was given to me in a beautiful bouquet for my wedding anniversary this summer. I really do have a problem with gifts of flowers. This being that I can’t just stick some flowers in a vase and admire them. I ponder over how I could use them to create a new piece of art!

This particular bunch really inspired me as I love the colour purple and in particular this lovely dark tone. I also loved the additional texture created by the stems and seed heads.

Overall this stunning flower was destined to be made into a piece of wall art!

fine art floral products

You can see that it is a simple composition with a single stem. Making this particular image suitable for reproduction on a wide range of products. Here are some of them you may like.

This flower art works equally well on a set of coasters as it does on the wall! And this is just a very small selection of what is available.

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