Out of Proportion, a mysterious world in fine art

As the days are getting shorter and the weather becoming dull and grey I have spent my time creating a new art series. This set is the most ambitious one I have created to date. It is made up of 10 individual pieces which I have called “out of proportion”.

Out of proportion – the back story.

This series takes a look at a hidden fantasy world where objects and people are mismatched. The symbolic elements such as the door, a key and a locked door represent different elements of our lives that can become out of proportion!

I also wanted there to be a strange interconnection between night and day, light and dark, the real world and a fantasy world. It results in some surreal art!

When life gets stressful it is easy to blow things out of proportion. The world can seem confusing and you can lose perspective. Each one of these images represents crazy headspaces and the ups and downs of everyday life.

An artistic journey

Last month I shared a new series called “Connections“. You might be able to see how this series follows on from that. However, at the same time goes off in a different direction.

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It has now become even easier for you to buy art from my collection. You can purchase fine art prints directly from this website. Printed on high quality archival lightly textured paper and available in three sizes.

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