An impressive look behind the scenes creating floating lightbulbs

A couple of weeks ago I introduced to you a new series called Out of proportion. Today I want to share with you a sneaky behind the scenes look at how one of the images was created! Including how I created the floating lightbulbs!

floating lightbulbs

One of the questions I get asked a lot is how I create the floating lightbulbs such as the one featured in “bright ideas”. There are plenty of tutorials online that can go into specifics on how this can be created. However, I thought I would share with you some behind the scenes photos.

I used a tabletop bulb holder with the shade removed. Essentially I lit the bulb and surrounded it with black card. This created the lovely rim lighting.

Then I photographed the bayonet fitting separately. The rest was created in Photoshop. Removing excess reflections and any elements that I didn’t want using the heal tool. I then joined the bulb to the fitting to create a complete bulb.

Night sky and silhouette

The background for this image was just the night sky captured from my back garden.


Then I photographed a silhouette of myself kneeling on the floor. I lit the background white screen, and used a remote shutter app to trigger the camera.

Wooden floor

Finally, I wanted a “rustic” looking floor for this image. So I decided to use a wooden shed! This is just a standard wooden shed panel. Then I changed the perspective and colour in Photoshop.

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