Is this winter inspired art dark and evocative?

The days are getting shorter and the dark winter nights are nearly upon us. Therefore it is a perfect time to share some winter-inspired art.

Winter Inspired art

Continuing on from the theme of self-portraits I have created a new tryptic inspired by the cold and frosty dark nights of winter.

I took the theme of angels as my main subject for these images, as I wanted something that was obviously associated with winter, but without dressing myself up in a Santa suit!

The meaning behind the dark art

I wanted to give these images a clear sense of time. I wanted the viewer to know it was at night, and that it was set in winter. The evocative symbols of a full moon and bare trees that have shed their leaves for winter illustrate these points perfectly.

Trying to avoid the stereotype images of Angles, and created a darker mood, that in this world they are not as pure as we traditionally view them. I wanted my angels to have a dark side, to show that even angels are not perfect. Also, there can be a hidden side to everyone.

Creating angelic images?

These images have been created using my composite style. These means that I take lots of different images, cut out the bits I want, and then rearrange them to create and new image. I have photographed all the elements of these composite images. Some I photographed with these images in mind. However, some of the images, such as the moon and trees are from my photo library.

Did you know?

I have used to wings of three different birds to create these images. Firstly, in “Evolution” I used to wings from a goose. In the second image “Angel” the wings are a from a gull. Finally, in “lamplight” I used the wings from a trumpeter swan!

I really like how the size, shape and colour of the different wings add a slightly different mood to each of the images.

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