5 desirable winter art products you need in your life

You know that feeling when to see a piece of art and it evokes a mood? Art can take you to a place in time or your imagination. You know the feeling. You see a piece of winter art and you are reminded of cold winter nights where you get home and get warm by the fire. It is a powerful thing!

A winter backdrop

You might recognise this particular piece as the background to my angel series. I shared this new series with you a couple of weeks ago. However, it occurred to me that the background alone was worth creating into a piece of art in its own right. So I removed my “angels” from the image and was left with this mysterious moonlit woodland scene.

Spellbinding seasonal art

What if you could not just enjoy that piece of art on your wall. What if you could carry it around with you so you can enjoy it where ever you are. This is why today I thought I would share with you my top 5 winter art products now available from my Redbubble shop.

Don’t get me wrong! A beautiful piece of art on your wall can look amazing. However, these allow you to enjoy that wall art as well as a huge range of other products.

Do you love this new design?

Check out these products and many more over at my Redbubble shop.

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