The secret winter angel, behind the scenes

A while back I shared a new winter series of surreal art with you. In this series, an angel was hanging out in a moonlit forest. Today I want to share more about the secret winter angel and how this image came about.

Fun facts of the secret winter angel

Did you know that I do not have a set of wings! I know – this must come as a big surprise to you all!

So the wings on my angel have come from a gull flying over head.

The moon, trees and self-portrait were all separate images which I blended in Photoshop.

My dress in this image is an old bed sheet that I have just wrapped around myself while I sat on my spare bedroom floor! Oh, the glamorous life of a winter angel! Although having said that – it was far more preferable than sitting in the middle of a forest wearing only a bedsheet!

Textures and burning

To create a more atmospheric image I added a textured layer over the top. This texture was a photograph of some frost.

I then added some dodging and burning to create a darker atmosphere. Followed by some shadows under the angel.

Love this image?

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