This is what happens when art inspires art!

Have you ever been so moved by a song that stirs something inside of you? The music perfectly reflects your mood and the words talk to you directly. I have been feeling that lately and decided to use this to create new art. This is what you get when art inspires art!


So I have been contemplating creating some art inspired by music for some time. There seems to be a connection between that feeling that music gives you and appreciating a piece of art. I just didn’t know where to start.

It was some time ago that I was introduced to a song called Gravity by Pete Fij and Terry Bickers. The melody combined with Pete’s haunting voice just worked for me. They create self-confessed shoegazing music, but this was a time in my life where I was feeling low and so it worked perfectly.

I didn’t feel I could have done it justice at the time with my old style of photography. However, with my new composite fine art style, I felt I could create something more meaningful.

So here it is, introducing Gravity:

.........Doesn't matter if you're travelling fast
You can outrun the sun but you can't outrun your past.
So here I am at 4am
Parked outside your house again
It seems whatever I do
All roads lead straight back to you

Your gravity has got a hold on me..........

A to fade in

Once I had created Gravity I remembered another song that was destined to become a piece of art. This time I wanted to encapsulate “A to fade in” by Adorable.

Partly inspired by seeing an Adorable reunion gig back in November, but also because I have loved this song for the last 17 years or so.

This one is a bit of a first for my surreal art phase. It is the first one that is not a self-portrait. This time I wanted to feature my husband and daughter. It was more relevant to the song.

Here is A to fade in:

....I remember walking home with my father from the station
Hand in hand, and all alone in silent frustration
And the words he said to me just drifted away in the wind
Like this memory, like the photographs in my father's house
I don't want to be faded skin
I don't want to fade out
I want to fade in
I want to fade in.....

Art inspires art

It amazes me where my inspiration comes from. I never know what I will be creating next!

Anyway, if you love these new pieces you can get your very own limited edition print in one of three sizes. Check out my shop now!

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