A to fade in exposed! fan art secrets

Recently a competition gave me the idea of creating art inspired by songs. Today I am going to share with you how I created one of these pieces. Here is fan art of A to fade in exposed!

The process

Once I had created a piece for the competition, I couldn’t let that nugget of inspiration go! I then went on to create several pieces inspired by different songs.

I am particularly proud of A to fade in. Apart from it being a song I really love by Adorable, it also came together better than I could have imagined!

I started with a field. A very ordinary field, that is about a mile from my house.

The sky was overcast, grey and not very interesting in this image. So I added a sky.

The sky was not actually wide enough for the size of the image I wanted to create. To make it larger I duplicated the layer, flipped it and placed it next to the original layer. The wonderful thing about this process is the clouds naturally formed a captical A in the sky!

Next, I needed a train track. Again I am fortunate to have a railway line less than a mile from my home. So on returning from the school run, I stopped midway across the tracks and capture a few potential images.

The final element was a father and child. I looked into my photo library and managed to find one of my hubby and daughter. In this image, they were walking across a bridge in London in about 2013. I masked out the bridge and added them to the image.

A to fade in exposed

After a little bit of blending, masking, tweaking and adding texture I got the final image.

Buy art

This piece is available to buy as a fine art print. If it inspires you, while not treat yourself!

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