Dali style image deconstructed – a look Behind the scenes

You may have seen my new inspired by music series of photographic art. One of these pieces I call “held the world” has received a great deal of positive attention. I have been told that there is a certain Dali style look about it. Today you can have a sneaky look behind the scenes to see how this piece was created.


This image started out as four individual images. I started by taking a self-portrait in my spare room. This image took me a while to perfect as I had a T-shirt wrapped around my face! Knowing if I was in the correct position was very tricky! In the end, I took several different images and merged the best bits together!

Faceless self portrait used in Held the world

I then took one of the images of my head and flipped it sideways, blending it into my arms.

Creating a Dali style world

Next, I needed to create a surreal world for my self-portrait. The song has themes of passing time, so I knew I wanted to include a clock in the image. This pocket watch seemed perfect. With a little bit of Photoshop magic, this image became the floor.

Pocket watch used a the floor in Held the world creating a Dali style image

Adding atmosphere

Finally, to create a more surreal atmosphere I added an image of the blood moon. I photographed the lunar eclipse in January 2019. This lovely red moon was the result.

blood moon used to create atmosphere in Dali style art

Finishing touches for the Dali style image

The composite pieces were all in place. However, to create a truly surreal image I needed even more atmosphere. For this I used textures of clouds and smoke layered and blended.

I pulled the whole image together by adding shadows and highlights.

Artistic review - Art inspired by the music of Idlewild "you held the world in your arms"

What do you think?

Does this image remind you of the surreal images created by Dali? What other emotions does this image evoke? Let me know in the comments below.

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