love is in the air with Valentine inspired artwork

Happy Valentine’s Day! What better way to share the love than featuring some Valentine inspired artwork!


Themes of love, romance, passion and desire are common in the art world. They are emotions everyone can relate to. Therefore it makes sense to both create and enjoy art inspired by love.

Over the years I have used the symbolic heart shape in many of my designs. With the universal understanding of its meaning, it makes for an obvious focal point.

This year I have added a more surreal piece to my collection. A pink heart design featuring outreaching hands. I feel this adds more of a backstory to the piece. Are the hands catching the heart? Are they throwing it away? Is this a positive piece about love or a sad story of heartbreak?

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It may be St Valentine’s day today, but these fine art pieces can look fabulous on your wall all year.

So whether you are looking for some new wall art or a mobile phone case one of these designs could work for you.

Alongside this new pink art design, I thought I would share a couple of my other pieces that were inspired by love!

Firstly, there is a heart-shaped made out of daffodil flowers. These spring flowers are laying on a rustic wooden background.

Finally, the other piece is a wooden heart ornament set against some bokeh lights.

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