Reading by candlelight inspires new photo art

The days are getting longer. Spring is coming into sight and the long dark evenings and becoming a thing of the past. Before the winter nights become a distant memory, I thought I would share “Reading by candlelight”.

Low light photography

If I am completely honest with you, I am not actually sure how this image came about. This happens to me sometimes. I get a vague idea, or inspired by an object and just have a play about with some concepts.

An old book started this journey. A lovely worn out tome. I rescued the hard-backed book from the rubbish pile. The yellowing pages, barely being held in place by the binding told a story. Therefore, I was compelled to keep hold of it for a future image.

With such a fragile old book, my mind went directly to lighting the image via candlelight. It just seemed to work!

The result when I slow down and stop being and over-excited photographer

Reading by Candlelight – evoking a mood

I do love a dark image. The low lighting and smoky wisps floating off the page create a sense of mystery. What is going on in this image? What is she looking at through the darkness? Who’s story is she telling?

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