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2020 is now in full swing and this means it is time for a change in the Sadler house. These big changes are indirectly going to affect how I create my images. Let me explain…

Changing times

The big child has just turned 11, and for some reason this birthday seems more significant than others. She is currently big kid in the junior school, and come September she will be the little kid in the high school.

Along with these situational changes, she is also growing up so fast! She has started to talk to her friends on the phone for hours on end. As well as that she spends time on her own listening to music and drawing her comics.

Over the Christmas holiday, I came to the conclusion that this kid needs her own space!

Spare room studio

We are lucky enough to have a three-bedroom house. There is just one problem. That is I have spent the last five years using our small room as a make-shift photo studio.

It has been so useful using this room to store my equipment, arrange props, and take my photographs.

However it is time for change! Over the Christmas holiday I spent hours sorting and rearranging my equipment. I then squirrelled it all around the house!

The box room was then converted into a lovely new bedroom for our “tweenager”.

If I had any doubts about whether this was the right time for a change, they were soon put to rest. Since the change she has spent hours studying, playing, drawing and relaxing in her new space.

The future

So where does this leave me? I’ll be honest with you, it has been a tricky transition for my photography. I am now having to use family space when I want to take any images.

This involves me planning my shoots in a more methodical way. I create notes and try to take my images when people are out of the house. Alternatively, I find an empty space to work in, and just tidy away when I am done!

On a positive note it is making me more creative. And I am discovering some fantastic light in other rooms in my house. Who knew that a bathroom would have wonderful soft lighting for portraits!

self portrait photographed in my bathroom
Self-portrait captured using the soft light coming through the bathroom window!

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