Behind the scenes of an over-excited photographer!

Do you ever get carried away? Do you ever get so excited by a project that you rush through it? This is probably my biggest weakness! Today I am going to share with you a cautionary tale about why you shouldn’t rush to share your work! Today, you are going behind the scenes of an over-excited photographer!

Too quick to share

When I get a new idea for a project, I have to just get on with it. I am trying to learn to slow down, plan my projects and to take my time.

I had a classic example of this happening to me recently. The image I created was a dark image inspired by the dark winter nights. I shared with you the post “reading by candlelight” a couple of weeks ago.

In my enthusiasm to share this new image, I didn’t take my time! One of the tips I often give other people, but often fail to follow myself is to leave the image on my computer for a few days. When I come back to an image after a break I will often notice those little details that don’t work or that I don’t like anymore!

As you can see the before image (on the left) is not that different from my final image (on the right). However, these differences are enough to make the image more complete and ties together all the elements.

Making changes

The first thing that was wrong with this image, was the colour tone. The colour of the book is very warm with orange tones. The candle and lady are less warm with more of a yellow glow. A few tweaks makes the overall tone of the image come together.

The second part of the image that was not really working was the book. It needed to appear more flexible. The paper had to bend and warp to make the image appear more natural.

Lessons from an over-excited photographer!

So I don’t know about you but I find it useful to know what my own weaknesses are! However, even though I know I tend to rush projects, I sometimes still forget to take my time and review my work. Stop being an over-excited photographer!

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