it’s time to be kind, time to be human

In February there was a photo competition arranged by the World Photographic Organisation. The theme for this competition was “Seeing beyond – discoveries” and was open to interpretation. I decided to create a new series about the changing attitudes in society and how I feel it is time to be kinder to one another, it is time to be human.

When I created this series, I had no idea of what we would be facing today. The virus has bought out a very dark and selfish side to humanity. This message of kindness rings more true today than when I first came up with this concept.

Conceptual Photography

The competition required a series of images so I chose to create five images on the theme of humanity. It really saddens me how cruel the world is becoming. It is so much easier to dislike other people, cultures and communities because they are different. Society seems to really struggle with basic empathy. Whether it is race, religion, or politics, they are all dividing humanity.

I wanted to created a series to remind us all that we are all flesh and bone, we are all human. It is time to try and put our differences aside and embrace humanity.

Dark and surreal art

Unfortunately, the theme of this series bought out my dark side! I wanted to try and make a positive series to share hope. However, my discouraged soul produced a much more negative series with very dark undertones!

That is not to say I don’t like what I produced. I actually think it is a more honest review of where we in the world right now.

So introducing my new series “seeing beyond – time to be human”.


First of all, here is a piece that represents how we live in faceless communities. We hide behind anonymous profiles, we do not really get to know each other. If more people had empathy, there would be less hatred.

time to be kind, time to be human. We are not a faceless society

stop and listen

There is so much white noise, constant talking, sharing of opinions. It is so rare for people to stop and listen. To stop ranting and talking. The loudest voice is not necessarily right, we need to remember this.

Have a heart

We all have a heart, and yet we live in a heartless world. We need to remember to love again.

have a heart - its time to love

Use your brain

We are all brainwashed on a daily basis, by the media and by politicians. It is easy to go with the flow. However, we must remember to keep questioning what is presented to us. Remember to think for yourself.

think for yourself - do not be brainwashed

Support one another

We can achieve as individuals, however, we can achieve so much more when we support each other. Life is not a competition, there are no winners and losers. By supporting each other we can achieve great things.

support your fellow human

It’s not all doom and gloom!

I realise that this is a little heavier than my usual posts, and indeed my usual art. It is hard to see a light at the end of the tunnel in the current global situation. Despite all of this, I do have hope for a brighter future. I have to, I need to believe that the future will be brighter for my children! The current crisis may even bring out the best in people – now it is time to be human, time to be kind!

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