Get excited about the big 20:20 photo project

Back in December, Amateur Photographer magazine offered an opportunity for a new project which really got my creative juices flowing. The theme was “Change” and it was an opportunity to get a bursary to create a project. In January I found out that I wasn’t successful in gaining the bursary. However, I was not going to let this deter me from following through on my big 20:20 photo project.

Change for 20:20 photography series

The project I came up with was to compare and contrast the lives of women in 1920 and 2020. You will see comparisons of lifestyle, work and social issues.

I am still very much in the planning stage of this project. It is going to be my biggest yet! I have so many ideas of comparisons I want to compare. I also want to get some historical accuracy into these images.

My first stage in the planning process was to brainstorm my thoughts and make some basic sketches of my ideas. Take a look at my sketch book (but please remember I am a photographer and drawing is not my strong point!)

planning and sketches for the 20:20 photo project

Researching the 1920s

All of this means that I am still currently carrying out my research. I want to get away from the Hollywood stereotype of the Roaring 20s with ladies prancing around in sequinned flapper dresses! It is going to be a little more true to life.

So the next stage was to list the props I want to include and places I will need to visit. I live a few miles from Worthing, and figured that this would be an ideal backdrop for my images. There are so many buildings and structures that would have been around in the 1920s. This will add that extra layer of authenticity I am looking for.

Gathering props

I am also in the process of scouting locations and gathering props for this series. You would not believe how difficult it is sourcing an authentic style 1920s tea dress (without a crazy budget anyway!)

20:20 photo project – the vision

The images will be produced in my usual style. I will be using compositing to add all the elements I require. This style will be perfect for my images, as I will be the model, appearing twice in each image. Also, I will not necessarily be able to get all the elements in the same place at the same time. This way I can start to capture the locations and props, and take my time to build up my images.

Be sure not to miss out

It will be interesting to see where this project will take me. I will leave it up to you to decide if these changes are all for the better!

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