5 inspiring photographs in the art of relationships series

Recently I have been thinking about the different relationships we have with the people around us. This inspired me to create my new series called “the art of relationships”.

The inspiration for the art of relationships

The following images are created using my own experiences of some of the relationships in my life. Of course, relationships are all different. People experience life in their own unique way, and I am in no way suggesting that these are the only type of relationships. You will inevitably have different experiences.

Relationships – child

We all have different roles to play in life. We all start off as children, who are (hopefully) nurtured and cared for by those around us. As we grow up this love and care does not change, but we become less reliant on it. To our parents though, we will always be their children.

relationships - child

Relationships – siblings

Some people are lucky enough to have siblings. The relationship you have with them is different from any other you may have in life. You have an unconditional love towards a sibling, however, it can be a difficult journey.

The art of relationships - sibling

Relationships – friends

As a child, it is easy to make friends, and if you are lucky these friendships can last a lifetime. As adult friendships are harder to make, but that doesn’t make them any less important.

The art of relationships - friendship

Relationship – spouse

It is human instinct to look for love, to have a partner to share your life with.

The art of relationships - spouse

Relationship – Parent

For some people, an important relationship in their lives is when they become a parent. The dynamic of a parent-child relationship is again a completely different role, and you behave differently as a result.

relationships - parent

Love or Hate the art of relationships?

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