1920 Vs 2020 a fun and surprising comparison

Last month I shared with you the news that I was embarking on a new project. The idea behind the project is 1920 vs 2020. To compare how life has changed (or not) over the last 100 years.

You will also have seen my first image in the 20:20 series “pandemic”. Inspired by current events.

Introducing two new satirical images


The first of these images is “soap” Back on 12th March the UK government announced a mitigation strategy. The vulnerable should be shielded. We all should be washing our hands.

The advice given was to wash your hand frequently and for 20 seconds. Or as we were being told, the time it takes to sing “Happy Birthday”.

This got me thinking. There are companies producing soap that have been manufacturing for over 100 years. The one the sprung to mind was Pears soap. So I decided to recreate a Pears soap advert from 1920, and incorporate it into my final image.

So here is the next image from my 20:20 project, “soap”.

1920 vs 2020 soap

Toilet roll

Next up is my satirical look at how it is human nature to panic! By 14th March the country had gone panic buying crazy. It would have been understandable if the shelves were empty of soap, and cleaning products, but no. It was not just these items that were bought up in panic. The country wanted toilet roll, in bulk!

It was a very strange reaction to what was happening. But I suppose in a strange way it was how people felt a small level of control, in a rapidly changing, crazy set of circumstances.

So for this image, again I got my source image from a 1920 advert. I then added a modern slant on this image.

1920 vs 2020 toilet roll

1920 vs 2020 will be back!

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