Terrific Twirls – check out how they are created

Back at the end of March, in the middle of chaos and uncertainty, a group of photographers (is there a collective noun for them…..a focus of photographers maybe?) went twirl mad. Today you will learn how these terrific twirls are created.

Creative new ideas – terrific twirls

The date was 30th March, photographers around the UK were heavily debating whether or not a walk was considered exercise if you took your camera with you! With opinions split, many took to searching out new projects to experiment with.

However, little did they know, that one of these projects was going to take the photo community by storm. Everyone went twirl crazy.

Twirling crazy

The trouble with social media is that we all fall into our tribes. We find like-minded people who will share their ideas and help us. For this reason, I am unaware how far this craze truly reached. All I know is that my social media feeds were full of them. And before we knew it photographers were now debating whether or not you could call them photographs!

How to twirl

The reality is that they are relatively easy to produce, as long as you have some photo editing software. In my case, I used Photoshop and followed this tutorial on YouTube:

The Twirling Results

The results were quite pleasing. I used my floral photographs as I thought that they would create the most interesting colours and patterns.

Terrific twirls - Abstract image of a flower

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