Creepy art images inspired by the covid-19 lockdown

During the strange days of lockdown this year, we have all been looking for new ways to pass the time. For some people that is learning new things, for others, it has been to spend time doing the things we love. For me, it was to create some creepy art images!

Capturing the emotion

I wanted to create a series of images that would summarise the mix of emotions I have been feeling. In general, I feel I have coped well with the change of lifestyle. I have really enjoyed spending extra time with my family. Especially as we have not had the stress of everyday life weighing us down. That does not mean that I haven’t had my fair share of anxiety over the situation.

The seven stages of lockdown

The different emotions that people are feeling have been likened to those people feel when they are grieving. This has inspired this series of seven pieces of art.


creepy art image. fine art photography - dark and surreal painterly art

It was not my intention to make creepy art images, but I did want to capture the feeling of uncertainty, paranoia, and anxiety. So by default they do have an eery feeling to them.


weird fine art created during the 2020 lockdown as part of. my lockdown series

Time and Place

I also wanted to incorporate a sense of place and time into this series, by including elements of my day to day life that has changed. For example I have read more books in a couple of months than I have in about 10 years! I have loved that I have had more (guilt free) time to just stop and read a book.


Strange fine art of a person appearing from some books. created during the 2020 lockdown

There have also been reports that people are having more to drink during these uncertain times. And I won’t lie, with no early mornings we have also been tempted to have a mid-week drink!


Creepy fine art image of a person trapped in a bottle of whisky. Created during the 2020 lockdown

Watch this space

Part II of the seven stages of lockdown will be coming soon – so watch this space!

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All these images are available to buy as limited edition prints reproduced on fine art paper. Just head over to my shop for more details.

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