funny giggle water poster recreated for the 20:20 project

You may recall at the beginning of 2020 I decided to create a new 20:20 project where I compare life in 1920 to the modern-day. Well, today I am finally able to show you the next image in the series. A recreation of the 1920s giggle water poster.

Comparing attitudes

Life in 1920 was not that dissimilar from today in many respects. The country had just gone through a major pandemic and the economy was crashing. For this reason, many people turned to things which made them happy and gave them a bit of escapism from the real world.

The 1920s are often portrayed in films as a glamorous time of dancing, drinking and socialising. While this is partly true the reality is a little different to how Hollywood would have us believe.

Women were still not welcome in pubs in the UK. However, at this time more women were working and many pubs started to realise that they were missing out on trade by not allowing women in. They began to renovate their establishments, to make them more welcoming for women.

So women were starting to go out and socialise in pubs, but this was still not commonplace. Many men resented this change.

Giggle water poster

A famous poster from the time suggests that some people did embrace the change. At least advertisers realised that was an untapped market! This was the giggle water poster.

I decided to recreate the poster myself:

Recreating the giggle water poster from 1920 in a modern day image

I then used this poster as a background image in a modern day setting, mimicking the pose.

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