Is Lockdown inspired art good? 2 reasons why it is!

Recently you have been bombarded with a new series. This Lockdown inspired art has been great fun to create, as well as giving me a fun project to fill my time. But I was unsure as to whether it was any good!

Critiques and awards

A great way to find out if your photos are improving is to enter them into photo critiques, and awards. Unlike standard competitions where there is only ever one winner, these awards judge each image on its own merits. If it then meets a professional standard, it will receive an award.

I enjoy entering images. Even though sometimes you can come out of a critique feeling absolutely destroyed! Eventually, you get over the upset, and can usually see what went wrong.

In April I entered the first in my Lockdown series. This is a surreal piece inspired by the shock and anxiety many of us felt as the country shut down at the end of March. Even though we all knew there was a possibility of the country going into Lockdown to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, I think it left a lot of people in shock. It was a strange and surreal time with high levels of stress and uncertainly. I wanted to try and capture these feelings and put them into a new piece of art.

NPS Award

I was really pleased with how this image came out but was even more delighted that other people were loving it too. I appreciated that it is an acquired taste and not everyone would enjoy my dark humour. So after entering it into the NPS awards in April, was delighted that it received a highly commended award.

Lockdown inspired art wins award

The Photographer Academy monthly critique

I also entered this image into the monthly critique on The Photographer Academy website. I was also good news as not only was it awarded a craftsman level, it made it into the top 10.

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