Follow the rainbow: exclusive new products on Redbubble

During the lockdown period, I enjoyed experimenting with new photographic techniques. One of these created such beautiful results that I had to create some new products on Redbubble!

Rainbows on bubbles

This particular technique involves creating a bubble film on the wireframe and getting in close with a macro lens. When the light bounces off this layer a lovely rainbow is formed.

The images looked out of this world! They remind me of a crazy sky that you might see in fantasy or sci-fi imagery.

Enjoy the rainbows – new products on Redbubble

I created two different versions of these abstract rainbows. One has natural orange and brown tones. The other is more colourful containing all the colours of the rainbow.

The abstract nature of these images lends themselves perfectly to phone cases, mugs, and wall art. All of which and more you can find in my Redbubble shop. Let me know what you think!

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Like what you see here? Head over to my Redbubble shop where you can check out the full range of products available featuring this abstract rainbow design.

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