The seven stages of Lockdown, a surreal new series

Last month you may have read about the creation of four new images inspired by the emotional journey people have experienced during the lockdown. This new series is now complete. Introducing the seven stages of lockdown.

Three new images in the seven stages of lockdown series


The next in this series represents the phase of depression some people have experienced.

The walls are closing in! This lockdown inspired photograph shows a woman sat on the floor with the walls and ceiling closing in on her.


I have certainly felt this, and I have seen this emotion in other people. At a time when we are all trying to do our bit for the greater good. It is easy to get angry when you have seen people “breaking the rules”.

The seven stages of lockdown - Anger. One from the new photo series by Sara Sadler


The light at the end of the tunnel. When restrictions were starting to ease and we all emerged out into the strange new world!

the seven stages of lockdown - hope. One from the new series by Sara Sadler

Check out the complete series

I have compiled a handy pdf document containing all seven images in the seven stages of lockdown, which is completely free to download.

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